Heather and I first started working together in 1994 at the same real estate company.  I was the office manager and she decided she wanted to sell real estate. Crazy, right?   A friendship to last many years was developed.  I parted ways with office managing, stayed home until Heather called me and begged me to work at another real estate office with her.  Oh my.  Eventually I left and went to work for a title company while Heather continued with real estate.  She eventually bought her own real estate company in 1998, renovated an office space and moved her business across the street.  

In 2002 the title company was not floating my boat and Heather needed some office help so we teamed up again.  We have had agents come and go over the years, moving on to other dreams.  Sheila joined us in 2005 as an assistant to Heather.  And here we all are today.  

Today we run a real estate business, long-term rentals and vacation rentals.  Early in 2017 Heather and her partner, Glenn and their son, LeCoi stretched out into buying Bone Daddy’s (a retail shop and events center).  Honestly, we never have a dull moment and we are never bored!

Heather is fun, funny, kind and generous.  She loves working with people and over the years I have seen her find just the right fit between buyer and home.  She works hard for her sellers.  Heather loves camping, riding the Harley with her Glenn, watching movies with LeCoi and eating mussels.  She also loves cleaning houses….what?  Who does that?  

With an employer that can take the moment to help you through a tough time, pour you a glass of champagne to celebrate an event or break up the day with dancing to a tune….Life is good.


Written by....the Office Manager who retired in 2019 and is missed dearly.